Printron: How To Elevate Your Branding With Packaging

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Printron: How To Elevate Your Branding With Packaging

Marketing and branding go hand in hand. While marketing builds interest in your product and motivates consumers to buy, branding positions the product by creating consumer loyalty and trust. Of all the different marketing channels brand owners can choose to invest in, packaging design is often at the center. Indeed, a proven strategy to elevate branding is to have memorable packaging consumers can easily recall. Printon understands the importance of packaging, and how it has become more and more intertwined with other marketing and branding strategies. As a result, we offer packaging solutions which deploy some of the latest technologies to support and enhance our services. 3D product renderings and packaging artwork management software are two services we offer to help deliver speed to market and get products noticed.

Who Is Printron

Printron is a company composed of packaging experts who understand the need for products to convey a brand’s message consistently and according to brand guidelines. Our main aim is to help companies execute their packaging commercialization process efficiently and cost effectively. This approach applies to both the primary packaging which holds precious products, and the secondary packaging that carries brands home. Packaging helps authenticate and convey the personality of the product and the brand.

Brand consistency is a powerful tool, designed to ensure consumer recognition across all marketing channels, consumer touch points, and geographic regions. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the end result matches the color and design envisioned by the brand owner.

How Can Printron Help You Elevate Your Branding?

As a company, Printron understands that every successful branding campaign must include an element of strong technical execution. As such, we offer an integrated collection of services designed to provide everything a brand owner or printer may need on their packaging commercialization journey.

Design Adaptation

We believe in partnering with creative agencies, and focusing on design synergies. We have developed strategic partnerships to work in harmony with our creative partners to ensure brand cohesiveness. This provides the benefit of working with a focused boutique agency in concert with our technical services. No matter what the printing process, packaging brand standards and consistency are paramount. With each of these partnerships, we have put in the hard work to truly integrate our ways of working, and provide a seamless hand-off from creative and adaptive design to artwork and prepress.


Although building artwork is largely a technical function, there’s also an overarching requirement for design empathy as well. Printron builds artwork with the end-use in mind. We begin with a design master and brand guidelines developed by a creative agency, and refine the master to a “First-In-Series” (FIS) artwork fit for purpose. We then extend this FIS artwork to include all of the “Next-In-Series” (NIS) artworks needed for a brand range roll-out.

Our artworkers have both the design empathy and technical print knowledge to deliver “Production Ready” artwork optimized for prepress, and built to industry standards.

Color Management And Prepress

Brand owner companies almost always use color to uniquely identify their brands, but it’s more than just a logo color that’s important. In fact, color can be used to delineate sub-categories within a brand’s range to provide some sort of visual cue for the consumer. Flavors, product count sizes, product tiers, etc. are all good examples. As we suggested earlier, consistency is one of the most important deliverables for any brand. If packaging color is off, consumers may question whether the product is old, damaged, or even authentic. They may perceive a problem with the product’s quality, and perception is key with branding.

Printron executes color management and prepress using state-of-the-art technology along with the skill and knowledge of our technicians to uphold this consistency. We integrate these tools with our deep expertise in press specifications and industry standards, to deliver uniform and high-quality branding across all packaging structures and printing processes.

Flexographic Plating & Mounting

Flexography is a printing process which is popular in the flexible and corrugated packaging industries. Flexographic printing uses a photopolymer or rubber printing plate with a raised surface to apply ink to a substrate material such as paper or film. Many of our clients have shifted their packaging to Flexography, as the cost has decreased while the quality has improved substantially over the last 25 years.

Printron uses state-of-the-art Flexographic plating technology with a wide range of plate materials to ensure consistency across different printing applications. Our DuPont Cyrel® DigiFlow 3000 ETL system provides a plate exposure capable of holding exact 1:1 reproduction between digital file and plate. We also provide Esko HD Flexo screens and microscopic plate patterns, which provide the highest solid ink density from any flexo plating workflow, along with a reduction in total ink consumption, smoother solids, reduced graininess, and less pinholes. Finally, we use an Esko Kongsberg X44 DFS Table to trim our plates, and provide a 45° bevel around the plate edge.

Cutting Dies

Printron creates custom dies, in support of retail-ready packaging. We take into consideration substrate and machine capabilities. We work with our clients to select the best materials to optimize the die cutting process. Our craftsmanship, combined with digitally-controlled equipment, ensures total accuracy.

Rotary Cutting Dies:

  • Posilock and Serrapid System
  • Soft Anvil Rotary Die
  • Laser Cut Rotary Diameter Sizes 7”-26”

Flat Cutting Dies:

  • Bobst Centerline System
  • Baysek/Onecut Vacuum Dies
  • Platen Dies

Artwork Management and DAM Software

Packaging commercialization is the complex process of brand owner companies deploying cross-functional teams working collectively to deliver, or “Commercialize” products to the market. These cross-functional teams are made up of multiple stakeholders with different packaging disciplines. As such, there is often confusion and delays caused by the interdependence upon one another, and a lack of visibility across disciplines. Most companies also follow a loosely defined workflow process, or no process at all.

Printron is a value-added-reseller (VAR) of ManageArtworks cloud-based integrated artwork management and digital asset management platform. We help integrate the right solution to fit each client’s unique needs, and offer workflow consulting, process mapping, and best-practice sharing to ensure a successful deployment.

With 75+ clients managing 4,000+ brands, and 50,000+ users, ManageArtworks provides the most cost effective and easy to implement solution on the market today.

Features include:

  • Workflow
  • Project Dashboard
  • Project Management
  • Email Notifications
  • Artwork Routing
  • Online Proofing
  • Annotations
  • Separations View
  • Spell Check
  • Measurement
  • Rotation
  • Version Comparison
  • Artwork Approvals
  • Project Tracking
  • KPI Metrics
  • Reporting

Workflow Consultation

Although we are widely known for our branding and packaging services, we also offer workflow consulting as a service. Many of our clients have made the decision to invest in an artwork management and DAM solution, but need help documenting and/or refining their workflow. It’s never a good idea to wrap software around a problematic workflow process. If the current process is delivering poor results, chances are software will just deliver poor results faster! Whatever the issue, Printron has a team of packaging workflow experts who can help.

Services Include:

  • Current State Assessment
  • Survey Creation, Analysis, & Findings Report
  • Process Mapping, Workflow Definition, & Documentation
  • Best Practice Sharing & Recommendations

If you have challenges with your packaging, you are not alone. Visit our website for more information:

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