Our craftsmanship, combined with digitally-controlled equipment, ensures total accuracy.


Jon Regal

Jon Regal

Printron creates custom cutting dies, in support of retail-ready packaging. When you reach out to our company, we take into consideration your substrate and consider your machine capabilities. The team at Printron works with you to select the best materials to optimize your die cutting processes.

Our craftsmanship, combined with digitally-controlled equipment, ensures total accuracy.

Rotary Cutting Dies:

  • Posilock and Serrapid System
  • Soft Anvil Rotary Die
  • Laser Cut Rotary Diameter Sizes 7”-26”

Flat Cutting Dies:

  • Bobst Centerline System
  • Baysek/Onecut Vacuum Dies
  • Platen Dies


Rotary Cutting Dies

What is rotary die cutting? Rotary die cutting is a cylindrical fabrication process utilized for many different industries to efficiently cut, form, and shape or shear varying different materials. Rotary die cutting is suitable to cut and form materials such as paper, plastic, laminate, and metal products alike.

Rotary die cutting is appropriate for many industries and applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Medical products
  • Food and beverage packaging/labeling
  • Folding cartons
  • Consumer packaging, and more

Rotary die cutting is a highly versatile and customizable fabrication process that is highly versatile and customizable. It is fast, accurate, and can even produce highly complicated multi-layer parts because it is able to perform multiple functions in the same processing cycle.

Our Rotary Cutting Dies Services

Printron uses a Posilock and Serrapid System, and soft Anvil rotary die. In addition, our rotary diameter sizes range from 7″ to 26″.

To get started, please contact the experts at Printron for more information about our rotary die cutting services at 920-725-3077. Our eye for detail and impeccable craftsmanship, combined with digitally-controlled equipment, ensures accuracy and the finished product you’re looking for.

Flat Cutting Dies

What is flatbed die cutting? This method of die cutting uses a flat fixed base and moveable head. The cutting die is designed from sharp strips of steel rule (which is a metal that is bent to match the profile of the part and embedded into slots in a plywood cutting board). Flatbed die cutting is commonly used as an alternative to rotary die cutting.

Flatbed die cutting is an effective fabrication method, however, it’s one main drawback is that it is overall slower than rotary die cutting. It is also more limited in producing various types of parts. You can use flatbed die cutting for the following projects:

  • Materials that are more than 1/8 inches thick
  • Products with multiple shapes
  • Large die cuts that can’t be done using other processes
  • Whenever there are concerns relating to budget; as an alternative to higher-cost processes

Our Flatbed Cutting Dies Services

Learn more here about die-cutting, what it is, and its characteristics and uses. Our team utilizes a Bobst Centerline System for flatbed die cutting. For dies, we use Baysek/Onecut Vacuum and Platen dies. To get started, please contact our team at 920-725-3077. Our team has an extensive eye for detail with excellent craftsmanship.

Die Cutting FAQs

Die cutting is a professional fabrication process using specialized industry-standard machines to convert stock material by cutting, forming, and shaping/shearing. It can also be used to form custom shapes and designs for labels. Commonly, die cutting comes in rotary and flatbed die cutting methods.

A die cutting system uses the process of die to cut sheets or rolls of materials such as paper, plastics, fiber, rubber, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and more. Die cutting can be done using either a flat bed or a rotary press. Applications for die cutting can include packaging and paper products, gaskets, abrasives, pressure sensitive adhesives, filters, medical disposables, and more.

There are two kinds of rotary dies. A flexible rotary die is crafted out of a thin sheet of metal that folds around a magnetic cylinder. A solid rotary die is made of a solid steel cylinder.

BOBST flat bed die cutters are currently the most extensive die cutter machines available in the market. They provide a wide variety of productivity and automation levels. BOBST die cutters can handle press widths ranging from 30″ to 82″.

Professional Die Cutting Services

At Printron, we focus on providing professional die cutting services that our customers can rely on. We are proud to have served our clients for nearly 60 years, and we are looking forward to serving you for many more! We are a G7 Certified Expert, dedicated to state-of-the-art servies using quality equipment. We are proud to be leaders in the cutting dies industry.

At Printron, we always approach every project with attention to detail and technical expertise to deliver quality products and solutions for every client. Our skills include professional die cutting, design adaption, artwork, color management and prepress, 3D renders, artwork management, flexographic plating and mounting, and workflow consulting.

Have questions about our cutting dies? Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at (920) 725-3077.

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