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Printron’s proprietary Quantum Plates

Printron’s proprietary Quantum Plates


A dramatic improvement in flexographic printing plates.

Printron’s proprietary Quantum Digital FMD Sheet Photopolymer plates take the Flat Memory Dot (FMD) process to the next step. It features a compressible foam cushion between the plate material and substrate that allows the plate to conform to the flutes and further reduce print gain. The compressible foam cushion also enhances the imaging characteristics of the plate material and can increase the life of the plate.

  • Reduce dot gain in the flexographic process
  • Improve images in both narrow web and wide web printing
  • Virtually eliminate fluting in the corrugated direct printing process

Steve Barry and Rick Pomerenka discuss the benefits of Printron’s proprietary Quantum Digital FMD Sheet Photopolymer plates.

Comparing Quantum and Conventional Plates

Conventional Printing Plate—Fluting Quantum Printing Plate—Fluting minimized

For more details about Printron’s proprietary Quantum Plates go here.