Providing seamless synchronization between the physical shelf and the digital shelf (eCommerce).


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Printron offers an integrated solution for eCommerce “Pack Shots” – 3D renders made right from the same files used for print.

No need to overpay for over-engineered renders produced using software from the motion picture and entertainment industries.  We use industrial tools designed specifically for the packaging graphic services industry.

Our methods provide seamless synchronization between the physical shelf, and the digital shelf (eCommerce).


Why Choose Printron

Need to visualize your packaging? Custom 3D rendering and engineered packaging are a huge part of what makes your customers convinced to purchase your product. Printron, an expert in the packaging industry for nearly sixty years, has a skilled team of professional 3D artists who can make your packaging and product concepts come to life.

  • Professional industrial tools to create each 3D design
  • No paying for over-engineered renders
  • Our process provides synchronization between the physical and the digital eCommerce shelf

The 3D rendering experts at Printron will design a prototype to assess what works best for your specific needs. A 3D template will show you the design of the finished package. This includes where to cut, crease, perforate, and glue. At Printron, we utilize only industrial tools that are specifically designed for the packaging graphic services industry. More on rendering methods here.

3D Rendering for Packaging

3D rendering for packaging helps you save time, money, and effort. It is a great investment for whenever you need to visualize your packaging and labeling products. In fact, with our 3D rendering services, you can enjoy quick turnaround times, stunning graphics, great, competitive pricing, and guaranteed results! Contact our team today at 920-725-3077, or fill out our contact form here.

3D Render FAQs

If you are a company looking to hire, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of what 3D rendering is and how it can help your business. Let the experts at Printron help! Below are some common 3D render questions we get. 

What is a 3D render?

What is a 3D render? This is a computer graphics process that uses 3D data and models. 3D render designers use 3D rendering to make lifelike or non-photorealistic packaging designs.

What is 3D rendering for products?

3D rendering for products is a process of designing photorealistic images as a wireframe or prototype with 3D models, to help envision what a company’s final product will look like.

Who designs packaging for products?

A 3D package designer can help you conceptualize, design, and create a prototype to modify and iterate upon. They can help you guide the design process from beginning to end so that you end up with a final product that is both attractive and functional for your customers. Hiring a 3D package designer can help you visualize your product, reduce your overall cost, and benefit from an overall professional design.

How can 3D renders help my business?

Investing in 3D package renderings can highlight your product packaging from any angle. In addition, you can save both time and money on label updates. Having a professional 3D render designer mockup and design your packaging will also ensure you benefit from clean, consistent imagery, branding, coloration, functionality, and overall design.

What 3D render software should I use?

While there are varying options for your 3D render, at Printron, we only use industrial tools for your project. When you contact us, our team will discuss 3D rendering and the proper tools with you in the beginning stages. 

Professional 3D Renders

Printron is your source for 3D rendering for your products. Our team can help you with every step of your design – from the initial concept, to the finished product. With nearly 60 years of experience in the industry, our team is proud to have served clients across many industries.

Printron is a certified G7 expert, which means you can trust us to provide professional printing and 3D rendering solutions. In addition, we are also skilled in design adaption, artwork, color management and prepress, artwork management and DAM software, flexographic plating and mounting, cutting dies, and workflow consulting, among others.

Have questions or need a quote on your 3D rendering project? Please give the team at Printron a call today at 920-725-3077.

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Optimize Brand Packaging Experience

Find out how to synchronize the physical shelf with the digital shelf!

Optimize Brand Packaging Experience

Find out how to synchronize the physical shelf with the digital shelf!