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Showing the Steps from Brown Boxes to
Multi-Color & Process Print at Forum 2019

More and more corrugated converters are moving into the areas of color and complex print, as customers react to market forces. As a result, presses are being purchased and transitions are happening with greater frequency.
In Forum 2019’s “Transitioning from Brown Boxes to Multi-Color Flexographic Printing – Join the Growth,” the customer, converters and plate maker will walk through the steps of the workflow, starting with the original idea at the converter’s customer as they begin to look for a way to deliver a high-quality package or display at lower costs than the normal litho laminated corrugated process.
The session will focus on how to sell that idea, the changes and enhancements made to the converter’s workflow and prepress, equipment needs, what training crews require, how to sell multiple-color, high-end, flexo-printed graphics, and finally what the future holds for the market and what trends to watch. Session co-chairs Mike D’Angelo and Geoff Roznak will introduce the story and provide guidance along the way.
“With the increasing interest in multi-color presses with high capabilities, we wanted to tell the story about what the transition from relatively simple print to more complex printing looked like,” says Roznak. “The industry has come a very long way in the last 30 years with regards to print capability, and more and more, converters are looking for ways to embrace the technology.”
In the marketplace, brand managers are constantly seeking how to present and position their products in the relentless retail and online environment, D’Angelo adds. “Corrugated printers and converters have been transitioning their businesses to participate more and more in the value-added packaging that the decisions made by brand managers are creating. This session will present to the audience the journey of two printers, a brand manager and a supplier. They will share the methods that they have successfully used to make high-quality flexography the process of choice for their customers—and lived to tell about it.”

All About “Transitioning from Brown Boxes to Multi-Color Flexographic Printing”

Date/Time: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Sunday, May 5

Session Co-Chair

Geoff Roznak,
Great Northern Corp

Session Co-Chair

Mike D’Angelo,


Speakers & Presentation

A Story of Change – ‘This End Up’ to Pictures and Color

Michael John,
3M Co

David Diroll Jr.,
Jamil Packaging

Jake Kraus,

Ed Nusslein,
McLean Packaging Corp
Journey through the tale of what happens when a converter or customer begins to look for a way to deliver a high-quality package or display at lower costs than the normal litho laminated corrugated process. We begin with the customer, Michael John, who will explain what his exposure to beginning the process looked like, his doubts and concerns, and bumps in the road. The converter, David Diroll, will follow and explain how the early stages of this process look from his perspective. He will be followed by the plate maker, Jake Kraus, who will tell us how his company manages more complex prepress and plate making processes. He will explain the print champions, process control, press characterization and partnership. Next, the converter, Ed Nusslein, will tell the story of a converter that is well along the path to running high-end direct print flexo on corrugated. He’ll explain the investment and commitment of understanding what direct print is and choices made along the way. Finally, Michael will end the session by sharing what he learned and his conclusions about the process.

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