Plate Solutions

Delivering award winning results with skilled technicians and innovative technology.

Printron offers a unique range of flexographic printing
plates each designed for specific printing conditions.

Digital Quantum Plates

Printron’s proprietary Quantum Plate features a Flat Memory Dot (FMD) Printing Plate with foam cushion between the plate material and the polyester substrate. The cushion between the plate material and the substrate allows the plate to conform to irregular surfaces (corrugated fluting) and also reduces print gain.

Digital FMD Plates

Printron’s Flat Memory Dot (FMD) Printing Plate uses inert gas in the manufacturing process to build dots that have a unique top and sidewall construction that gives greater support and results in cleaner, sharper print.

Liquid Mask Plates

Printron’s Liquid Masked Photopolymer Plate is imaged or cured only in areas that have print copy. Since less photopolymer is used, the plates are lighter and easier to handle.

Liquid Plates

Printron’s Liquid Photopolymer Plates are a cost effective alternative for simplistic color or brown box printing. When properly cared for, they offer a long life span with excellent print results. The low tack plates provide cleaner print with less cleaning and less press downtime.

Quantum Plates

Quantum plates pair Digital Flat Memory Dot (FMD) plates with foam cushion between the plate material and the polyester substrate, allowing the photopolymer plate to conform to uneven, irregular surfaces (corrugated fluting).

As a result, our technology can reduce dot gain, provide sharper, clearer print and reduce visible fluting in corrugated direct printing.

For corrugated printing, today’s lighter weight liners can generally create worse fluting. 

Quantum Digital FMD sheet plate’s lower durometer conforms to the uneven surface while effectively transferring ink onto any substrate.


Through a blend of art and science, our MicroPlating process was designed to help achieve superior press results in flexible packaging applications.

Stunning microscopic rendered printing plate patterns are custom designed for your particular printing environment.

See how MicroPlating can bring new visual depth to your graphics.

Compare Plate
& Print

Designed to improve solid ink density and smoothness for Flexible Packaging applications.

Texturized Plate Surface

Plate Mounting

Accurately mounting individual flexographic printing plates onto a carrier sheet is crucial for press registration.

That’s why at Printron, we partnered skilled technicians with state-of-the-art plate registration equipment.

Our plate mounting process ensures that each plate is perfectly mounted the first time.